Trensant Tech Suite

Trensant’s AI ingests public and private data and contextual sentiments in real-time, producing an organized output of intangible data to help companies make informed decisions.



Step 1

Trensant crawls news, blogs, comments, posts and custom data feeds to acquire raw textual data.

Step 2

Trensant engines then scan data, reading it word-for-word and digesting contextual insights in the process, just as a person would.

Step 3

From any given quote, review, blog post or fragment of text, Trensant engines are able to generate a set of scores for each entity.


Trensant’s AI™  acquires textual unstructured data and structured data from over 25,000 sources. The patented technology generates links related entities in real time. The technology also generates survey-based analytics to support the data verification process.


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Trensant’s KnowledgeGraph™ paired with the Trensant API, produces an output of structured data visualizations that can easily be manipulated and customized on a case-by-case basis.

AI Algorithms

Trensant scans millions of data points each day  to derive meaningful contextual insights from a torrent of news articles, blog posts, social media feeds, and more.

KnowledgeGraph™ refreshes data feeds in minutes, enabling companies to easily transform complex, intangible data into  business insights with up-to-date predictive analytics.

Trensant API

Companies can seamlessly integrate Trensant’s API™ with existing BI applications to build custom data visualizations across a broad range of topics and industries. 


Trensant API and intuitive platform makes it easy to integrate existing BI applications to begin mining insights from the Trensant’s KnowledgeGraph™. The AI/Analytics Engine continuously learns and builds upon your search behavior for dynamic data processing.


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