Lighting Up Unstructured Data

It’s estimated that 70 percent of the data about a company is locked up in unstructured textual data. Trensant’s Knowledge Graph® uncovers this data in real time, continuously delivering insights on what’s trending for the following industries:


Finance Industry Example

Trensant serves many industries by providing industry specific data. For example, Trensant services the top sectors of finance with easy to understand data packages.

Composite Market Indices

Consumer Discretionary

Consumer Staples






Real Estate




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Industries We Serve

Trensant uses intuitive AI to revolutionize the way businesses stay ahead of their competition. Users tap into Trensant’s real-time data analytics to evaluate key performance metrics within their industry, track market and sentiment changes, and make strategic decisions before their competition is aware of any shifts.


Monitor trading signals for your portfolio companies, access a real-time dashboard for all stocks, commodities, securities, and more with predictive indicators of future direction.

Create custom data visualizations with localized insights to evaluate product performance by demographics, time frames, and geographical location.

Turn social listening into tangible insights for a large-scale view of product, brand, and market sentiment across the web.

Benchmark your organization’s spending and keep a pulse on patient satisfaction.

Curate consumer perception of your brand, stay attuned to impactful trends, and leverage market opportunities with competitor intelligence.

Improve customer loyalty and the lifetime value of your customers. Leverage real-time insights to monitor customer experience and improve customer support and satisfaction.

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