Trensant in Finance

Monitor trading signals for your portfolio companies, access a real-time dashboard for all stocks, commodities, securities, and more with predictive indicators of future direction.

Financial Services Industry Solution

The world’s leading financial services firms consume massive amounts of data to make intelligent investment decisions. By providing real-time financial analytics that measure contextual sentiment, Trensant turns big data into meaningful trading decisions with greater results and monitor and manage portfolio performance on an ongoing basis. Users can create custom dashboard reporting on a myriad of themes, keywords, and trends behind a particular company or industry-sector.

Enter your next earnings season with access to predictive analytics that measure billions of data points that impact your trade decisions. Try Trensant for 30 days free to more accurately predict market shifts and to make better investment decisions.

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Key Features

Localization — Track localized data, measuring the sentiment expressed by your customers down to the sub-industry, company and product level.

Real-Time Tracking — Access a real-time dashboard for all stocks, commodities, securities, and trends with predictive indicators for future market shifts and volatility.

Custom Reporting — Leverage Trensant’s open API and structured, dynamic data outputs to easily integrate with your existing BI databases, create custom data visualizations and real-time reports.

Data Verification — Remove the guesswork from sentiment analysis and save valuable time on data verification to seamlessly evaluate contextual insights, positive and negative trends that impact trade decisions.

Intuitive AI — Scan billions of unstructured data points to produce a categorized output into logical groupings.

Predictive Analytics — Stay ahead of your competitors with access to finite anomalies in your industry to support actionable decisions before market shifts occur.

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