Trensant in Healthcare

Benchmark your organization’s spending and keep a pulse on patient satisfaction.

Trensant Healthcare Industry Solution

Trensant anticipates the needs of your patients, providing relevant, real-time insights on customer satisfaction across different verticals and demographics in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare institutions use our intuitive AI, combined with our open API, to build custom dashboards that monitor localized data to support decisions surrounding budget allocation, patient satisfaction, and more. Whether you are looking to identify patterns in consumer sediment, monitor the competition, or follow a particular conversations in the healthcare space, Trensant gives you the power uncover finite anomalies to ensure you’re prepared for shifts that can impact your institution.

Try Trensant 30 days free and stay attuned to patient sentiment, your institution’s brand perception, and the opinions of current healthcare models to support future R&D and budget decisions.

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Key Features

Localization — Track localized data, measuring the sentiment expressed by your patients down to a localized level.

Real-Time Tracking — Access a real-time dashboard of trends and predictive indicators within the healthcare industry that enable you to make fast, strategic decisions.

Custom Reporting — Leverage structured, dynamic data outputs to create custom data visualizations and real-time reports.

Data Verification — Remove the guesswork from sentiment analysis to seamlessly verify contextual insights, positive and negative trends.

Intuitive AI — Scan billions of unstructured data points to produce a categorized output into logical groupings.

Predictive Analytics — Stay ahead of your competitors with access to finite anomalies in your industry to support actionable decisions for your company before shifts in the healthcare space occur.

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