Trensant in Information Services and Media

Turn social listening into tangible insights for a large-scale view of product,
and market sentiment across the web.

Information Services and Media Industry Solution

Trensant ingests billions of data points from over 20,000 media sources to produce meaningful summaries of relevant insights in real-time.

Information Services and Media companies use our intuitive AI, combined with our open API, to create custom dashboards of real-time semantic insights to stay ahead of their competitors, tracking a myriad of themes, keywords, and trends behind a particular product, company or industry sector. Whether you are looking to identify patterns in consumer sentiment, monitor the competition, or follow a particular market conversation, Trensant gives you the power uncover localized, finite anomalies as soon as they occur.

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Key Features

Localization — Track localized data, measuring the sentiment expressed by your customers down to a localized level.

Real-Time Tracking — Access a real-time dashboard of trends and predictive indicators within your industry that enable you to make fast, strategic decisions.

Custom Reporting — Leverage structured, dynamic data outputs to create custom data visualizations and real-time reports.

Data Verification — Remove the guesswork from sentiment analysis to seamlessly verify contextual insights, positive and negative trends.

Intuitive AI — Scan billions of unstructured data points to produce a categorized output into logical groupings.

Predictive Analytics — Stay ahead of your competitors with access to finite anomalies in your industry to support actionable decisions for your company before market shifts occur.

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