Trensant OmniSuite is a powerful family of products that combine to provide connected knowledge on the industries you need to monitor.


OmniStream delivers a data feed on trends in real time by an API or daily by FTP in Excel, CSV, or JSON formats. OmniStream is the product of choice for customers who want to include unstructured data in their big data platform.


OmniView provides a dashboard of visualizations based on topics in a data set. Visualizations include time series, heat maps, location, network trees, word clouds, and feeds among many others. Key analytics are also shown visually, such as MoodRank, BuzzRank, TypeRank, and many other dimensions.


OmniBrief generates one-click industry trend and benchmark reports in PowerPoint or Adobe. Each report assesses the industry and the companies making up that industry for a given period of time.


OmniConnect gives you direct connections to Tableau and Microsoft’s PowerBI/ Azure platforms. We provide customized interfaces into these platforms depending upon specific requirements.