Visualize Your Insights with Trensant’s Data Visualizations™

Capture insights in an actionable format.



Within a rapidly changing business environment, you need statistical and predictive intelligence to develop a winning business strategy. Trensant data visualizations are robust, up-to-the minute charts and graphs for major sectors, industries, companies, products, people and topics that you need to track. Comprehensive, empirical and easy to understand, Trensant’s reports enable you to receive big picture trends and analytics about your chosen topics.

Embed our graphs into your reports, presentations, newsletters, or posts. Impress others with your insight about what people think and feel about what is happening right now.


All Trensant products incorporate our industry-leading analytics, which gather and crunch data from heterogeneous sources to provide our customers with transformational insights. 


Trensant provides strong filtering against both SPAM and entity storms. Our proprietary StormRank™ filtering mechanism consolidates but preserves thousands of identical items (like re-tweets) as single events so that our analytics maintain broad applicability without being overly swayed by a single event. Accordingly, we retain and do not drop such events from our data stream, so that Trensant API™ customers may study it further depending upon their use case.



Our patented techniques generate the BuzzRank®, MoodRank®, and TypeRank® analytics along with Sparkscore™, our compliment to survey-based Net Promoter Score instruments. We crawl news, blogs, comments, posts and custom data feeds to acquire raw textual data.

Our engines scan the data, literally reading it word-for-word just as person would. From any given quote, review, blog post or other fragment of text, our engines generate a set of scores for each entity.

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