The OmniSuite Product Line

Connected knowledge comes in many forms. Whether you’re looking for a real-time data feed, custom data visualizations, one-click industry trends, or a direct connection with a data visualization tool, Trensant has the technology to drive advanced insights.

Trensant’s connected knowledge is available in three services:

How Trensant Works

Knowledge Graph ™️

By bridging the gap between structured and unstructured data, Knowledge Graph® tracks millions of real-world topics across 25,000 data sources to process contextual information about people, places, things, and events, including:

  • 3.6 million topics
  • 162,000 topic families
  • 11 million+ relationships

5 Patents & 4 Pending

Real Time Processing at Scale

  • 5.4M articles & posts per day
  • 150M documents per month
  • 4B articles & growing

Data Enrichment with Leading Databases

Trensant partners with leading database providers enriching textual data with curated sources of information. Examples include:

  • Database America – Company Information & Firmographics
  • US Census Data – Demographics & Local Trends
  • UPC Database – Product & Brand Information
  • Open Street Maps – Location Information
  • And many others…



Trensant scores and ranks data in real time using sophisticated AI algorithms written by top data scientist PhD’s. Some leading indicators include:


BuzzRank®measures in real time the active awareness that a given entity may have on the Internet from over 25,000 social, news, and blog feeds. For example, BuzzRank® clearly showed that Donald Trump generated more awareness throughout the election relative to Hillary Clinton.


MoodRank® measures the positive, neutral, or negative sentiment for a given entity. MoodRank® lets you see how a given company, product, location, or person may be perceived on any given day over time. For example, MoodRank® can be used to correlate poor financial performance to negative store or product performance.


EmotionRank  measures and scores each sentence, article, and entity for 12 different emotion dimensions. EmotionRank  provides context to MoodRank on the degree of feeling being expressed for a positive, neutral, or negative.


Each TypeRank™️ industry type in the Trensant Knowledge Graph has one or many TypeRank’s. For example, Retail Grocery Stores have the following TypeRanks: Speed of check out, Customer Service, Store Location, Pharmacy Department, Produce Department, Price, and Coupon among many others Type Ranks. TypeRank shows the positive, negative, or neutral sentiment for each segment.

Positive Trends

PositiveTrends™ shows ranking of positive words about an entity. For example, the word “pharmacy” could be used in a positive light many times regarding signals for physical store location. You can use Positive Trends to uncover something new or your never realized before about your business, product, or location.

Negative Trends

NegativeTrends™, like PositiveTrends™, shows the ranking for the negative words about about an entity. For example, the word “slow” could appear in a negative light regarding the website for a company. You can use NegativeTrends™ to uncover potential crisis situations or negative trends impacting your business, product, or location.

Top Influencers

Top influencers shows the true influencers driving trends and trend awareness in the social, news, and blog world.

Top sources

Top sources shows where trends originate from and virally spread in real time.

News Feed

News Feed shows the curated news feeds for a particular entity in real time. You do not have to search multiple news sites to find the related articles.

Social Feed

Social Feed shows the user generated content for a specific entity in real time. Social feeds originate from services such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and many others.

Meta Data

Meta Data shows the source of the data for any indices inside the Trensant KnowledgeGraph®. We have live links to all Meta Data giving you access to the absolute sources.

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